FinalToon 4 موتور رندر کارتونی یا به عبارتی سیستم رندرینگ غیر واقعی  ( Non-photorealistic rendering (NPR) توسط  شرکت Cebas  برای نرم افزار تریدی اس مکس منتشر شد.

دانلود ویدئوی ویژگی های جدید FinalToon از کانال تلگرامی سی جی آریا :


ویژگی های جدید Final Toon 4 :
Twice as fast (compared to the previous version)
Full motion blur support for FinalRender and MoskitoRender
Multipass motion blur support for Scanline and other SDK compatible renderers
Enhanced texture map support for Line Style Effects
Extended Line Styles are now in true world unit measures
Enhanced multi-threading support through automatic Split Mesh feature
Orthogonal viewports with standard cameras are now fully supported
Camera clipping fully supported
Enhanced procedural hatching features for better light/shadow control
Enhanced bitmap hatching for better light/shadow control
FinalToon compatible renderers : Scanline renderer, FinalRender, MoskitoRender, V-Ray (CPU)
FinalToon incompatible renderers: Iray, Mental Ray, ART Renderer, FStorm

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