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ابزار جدید تریدی اس مکس با نام Autodesk 3ds Max Asset Library – این ابزار امکان سازماندهی فایلهای مکس ،مدلهای سه بعدی،اسکریپتها و فایلهای MCG ،فایلهای با فرمت DWG و …. در پوشه های مختلف یک یا چند کامپیوتر و یا فایلهای موجود در شبکه ،دراپ باکس ،گوگل درایو و … را فراهم می کند.
همچنین با استفاده از این ابزار می توانید برخی فایلها را در یک کلکسیون(Collections) وارد کنید و این کلکسیون ها را با کاربران و همکاران خود با استفاده از شبکه محلی یا اینترنت به اشتراک بگذارید.

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ویژگی های جدید Autodesk 3ds Max Asset Library :

NEW in 1.1! Create Collections to share with co-workers or other computers when you have Asset Library installed.
NEW in 1.1! Thumbnail UI update to easier scanning of content file formats.
NEW in 1.1! Added search history list.
Quickly add local or network folders of asset locations to be indexed for fast searching
Use file format Filters to display only the types of files you want to see
Merge, Xref Scene, or Replace content in your current 3ds Max session.
Import method for any non 3ds Max file type that is supported by 3ds Max.
Drag and Drop images into viewports as environment backgrounds or onto objects as material diffuse maps.
Connected to Autodesk Seek

About This Version
Create, share, rename, remove, and even search your own Collections of content.
These Collections can be anything that appears in the 3ds Max Asset Library from images, 3d files, to MaxScript and other tools. Content can be added at any time.
Share these Collections by either saving a Collection file or sending a Collection via email.
Import a Collection via a simple drag and drop of the Collection file into the 3ds Max Asset Library

Thumbnail Update
We have added a badge to the thumbnail view for easy scanning of different files types.

Various enhancements and bug fixes
Zip extraction makes unique file when downloading file with same name
Search history to display last 3 searches
From the Help menu, users can Check for updates
You default Windows Downloads directory will be added automatically

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